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Undergraduate Courses

Computer Science and Software Engineering(计算机科学与技术)

Objective:This course provides an in-depth study of computing with an emphasis on the software, hardware and theory of computation to solve commercial, scientific and technical problems. It also explores software design and programming, computer hardware, the theoretical foundations of computing and its present and potential applications.Emphasis is also placed on the application of these techniques in areas of business and industry.

Core Subjects:Principles of Computer Composition, C++, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Operating System, Algorithms and Data Intelligence, Data Organization, Data Principles & Application, Software Requirement Engineering, Software Testing, Principles of Programming Languages、HTML and WWW Programming、Software Engineering、Information Organization & Retrieval.

Business Administration(工商管理专业)

Objective:Students will be well equipped to deliver the leadership, analysis, planning and decision-making needed for a successful business career. Management studies are an ideal starting point for students seeking careers in the fields of human resource management, international management, operations management and organizational development. They are also a valuable complement to studies in another area, such as accounting or finance.

Core Subjects:Principles of Management, Accounting Theories and Applications, Introductory Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics, Business Law, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Corporate Management, Human Resource Management, Operating Management, International Finance, Enterprise Strategic Management, Business Finance, Business Communication, Marketing Research.


Diploma Courses


Core Subjects: Accounting Theories and Applications, Political Economy, Business Law, Statistics, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Taxation, Auditing, Financial Analysis, Security Investment, Preparing Fin. Statements, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting.

Architectural Engineering(建筑工程技术)

Core Subjects: Architectural Graphing, Construction Materials, Construction CAD, Engineering Survey, Engineering Mechanics, Architectural Equipment, Principles and Design of Concrete Structures, Project Organization and Management, Construction Project Budget, Masonry Structure, Architectural History, Engineering Supervision, Geological Engineering, Construction Science, Construction Management & Law, Prof. Civil Engineering Skills.

Mechanical Design and Production(机械设计与制造)

Core Subjects: Principles of CAD/CAM, C Language Programming, Principles of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Digital Control Processing and programming, Digital Fault Detection and Maintenance, Moldmaking Technology, Material-forming Technology, Mechatronics, Die Process and Mold Design, 3D Pro/E Design, Non-traditional Machining, Computer Aided Drafting, Control Engineering and Automation, Electronics Technology, Instrumentation and Interfacing.

Computer Networks Technology(计算机网络技术)

Core Subjects: Database Application Technology, Java Programming, Networks and PDS, LAN/Maintenance, Network Security Technology &Application, Small Business Website Design and Development, Web Design, Website Management, Animation Web Design, Photoshop, Coreldraw Graphic Design, Networking Fundamentals, Dynamic Web: Content Management.


Core Subjects: Biochemistry, Human Anatomy, Immunology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Nursing, Histology and Embryology, Internal Medicine, Nursing of Surgery, Maternity Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, Nursing of Emergency, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Study for the Five Sense Organs, Preventive Medicine, Nursing Practice Studies, Nursing Behavior.


Core Subjects: Principles of Photography, Broadcasting and TV Production, Media Ethics and Law, Editing for Print Media, Investigative Reporting, Writing Journalism, Critical Journalism, TV Technology, Communication Studies, Literacy Appreciation, Public Relations, Advertising and Copy Writing, Writing Journalism, Documentary Photography, Broadcasting and Hosting, Secretarial Theories and Practice, Radio Production, New Media Theory, Network Applications, Primiere, After Effect, Digital Imaging.

Dance Performance(舞蹈表演)

Core Subjects: Principles of Vocal Studies, Principles of Piano Studies, Principles of Musical Theories, Music Instrumental Studies, Piano Accompanying-Repetiteuring, Aural Studies, World Music Appreciation, World Music History, Stage Performing, Choir Directing, Principles of Vocal Studies, Choreography and Dance Techniques, Music Foundations and Vocal Techniques, Directing, Creative Writing.