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The department of Chinese Language Studies aims to give foreign students great opportunities of learning Chinese, one of the most important languages in the world today, and one of the most wonderful. We are not just a language department. Apartment from the linguistic studies, we also offer studies of customs and culture, literature, history, and sociology. Students can also select a few elective subjects, including Tai Chi, Calligraphy, and Chinese musical instruments. In order to enrich students’ experience, the department organizes daytrips to historical sites, such as Shaolin Temple, Kaifeng- Capital of Song Dynasty, Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang.     

The department offers both Modern Standard Chinese and Classical Chinese from beginning level, as well as providing options for students who can already read Chinese fluently. Students can choose 4-year undergraduate program, 3-year diploma program, training courses including 6-month, 12-month and two-year program£¨as well as short courses based on inpidual request. The department of Chinese Language Studies has both experienced management staff and teachers, who have been delegated to the research of Chinese studies for many years.

More than 300 foreign people from Korea, Japan, Serbia, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, USA, Brazil, have studied in the Department of Chinese Language Studies since 2003, and have had memorable experience.